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22 August 2022

Caring about food waste.

Foody Bag is looking for the help of motivated and talented Foody Bag Waste Warrior (FBWW) who care about food waste and its impact on the environment.

As a FBWW, what do I need to do?

You shouldn't mind chatting with others about important causes like food waste. You would chat with local cafes, bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets and discuss the advantages of Foody Bag and the benefits of reducing food waste.

What happens once I meet a food retailer and they are interested?

At that point you can sign them up on our business sign-up portal here and help them create Foody Bags.

Do I get paid or is this just for the love of reducing food waste?

You can make commission on Foody Bag sales that have been derived from businesses that you directly setup on the Foody Bag platform. It's not a huge amount that is made on selling a Foody Bag but it is a passive income and once you sign-up a new business there's probably not much you need to do other than dropping in to say hi from time to time. Once you setup more businesses, especially those popular stores, you may notice a good amount of passive income revenue.

Okay, I'm very interested, now what?

Go to the mobile app and send us a message from the Contact Us screen (found in the Settings screen).

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Foody Bag's mission is to reduce food waste.

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