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Donate or Pick-up Unwanted Food

16 August 2022

Donate or pick-up unwanted food on Blezz

Are you ready for it?

Since our launch we’ve saved over 20,000 Foody Bags from reaching landfill. We’ve been hugely successful in helping to reduce retailer food waste thanks to you, even if only in small town Perth, Western Australia.

But how about consumer waste that you have at home, what can we all do to minimise that? Did you know that 1 out of every three shopping bags full of groceries goes to waste.

Now we are launching a feature to allow you to pick-up food for absolutely free of charge from people in your neighbourhood. This feature can be used by anyone, no location restrictions, whether you live in Perth or Paraburdoo, Tokyo or Treviso.

Why is this even a feature?

We are all guilty of food waste at the consumer level and now Foody Bag allows people to post food items that they’d like to donate, right from their home. Saving food helps our environment and it may also help someone who hasn't always got the funds to pay for food.

It only takes a couple of minutes to list good to eat food on the app.

Could one of these be your reason?

  • You’re going away on holidays and there’s food that will expire if you leave it in the fridge or pantry.
  • You’ve had a bumper crop on the lemon tree and wish to make someone’s day by giving it to them.
  • Like too many others, you’ve bought too much food… again.
  • You cook a dish and donate it to someone in the community just because you like to share.
  • You bought multiple of the same item from the supermarket, only to get home and open one and realise you actually don't like it.
  • You checked the expiry of some food in the fridge and the date is fast approaching so you'd like to give it away before you have to throw it away.

After you post your item, it’s reviewed by a real person and then is visible by anyone. Yes, we like to review everything before it goes live to ensure that it's only good food getting donated.

Foody Bag members can then contact each other via the app and arrange a time for pick-up. The exact address is only given to the member once agreed. Prior to then the members will only see an approximate location.

To encourage courteous behaviour and punctuality, both parties rate each other after pick-up.

So what are you waiting for? Check your fridge or pantry and get donating and make someone smile today.

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