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Foody Bag — helping you to fight food waste.

Planet-loving food retailers are super concerned with the food waste they produce, so we help them sell it, which means you can buy it usually for a third of the price or half of its price.

Every single day,
perfectly good food is wasted
in bakeries, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels. Foody Bag lets you buy and pick-up this food at a fantastic price. All you need to do to start is download the Foody Bag app.

Saving the planet,
reduce food waste

1 / 3

Over 1/3 of the world's food is wasted.

312 kg

The average amount of food wasted per person each year.


Percentage of global greenhouse gases attributable to wasted food.


Number of minutes in shower equivalent to amount of water wasted on one burger.

The Facts

The tonnes of food waste our planet is producing is unsustainable and reversing this problem is one of the most important things we can do to combat global warming.

How Foody Bag works


Pay a third of the price or half price for tasty treats at bakeries, cafes, restaurants and even supermarkets.


Choose your Foody Bag and make a purchase from your chosen store and receive a QR code for your order.


Go to the store at collection time, show your QR code and pick-up your bounty. You're a food waste hero.

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Foody Bag

Foody Bag's mission is to reduce food waste.

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