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Say Goodbye to Groupon and Scoopon Deals

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04 May 2022

Groupons and Scoopons were the kings of discounted food but times have changed

Ready for restaurant deals without harming restaurants?

Over 11 years ago, Groupon had their Australian launch, a whole 10 months after Scoopon already went out with their first deal.

The deals on offer were broad and could be anything from a breakfast at your local cafe to a fine dining experience in a revolving restaurant (that one is still on Groupon, in fact!). The deals weren't just food-based, you could find discounts for experiences too, like cheap tickets to the cinema or other city attractions

It was certainly a win for Groupon and Scoopon but the restaurants, cafes and hotels themselves - they didn't fare so well. For them, they often had to give up their peak-time seats or beds for cut-price deals.

This year Foody Bag is planning to help get people into restaurants to pick up end of day food. In some cases the restaurant may be happy for customers to be seated and others may prefer food to be taken away. Unlike Groupon and Scoopon, food retailers will be selling food that would otherwise go to waste and it'll happen during non-peak hours.

So for restaurants and food courts this will be a huge win, they'll be able to make money where there would normally be losses.

Stay tuned for this new release as we're coming out of winter.

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